Drawing from our customers' needs, our factories' best practices and our 40-plus years of experience, R&B Communities has created three unique designs: the Monterey, the Oakwood and the Hilsboro. These one-of-a-kind homes come with all the modern amenities, and incorporate features that have largely been missing from manufactured home living - two-car garages on average-size lots, large outdoor living spaces and open, voluminous interiors. We've also paid close attention to the finest details, including maximizing available space for optimum storage and utility.

Take a look at our exclusive designs, as well as just a small sampling of the many other plans we have to offer, or contact us today to speak with someone directly! And keep in mind that we can customize any plan you choose - make a room larger, add a door or window - whatever suits your needs. You'll also enjoy the ability to choose from a wide selection of options in cabinetry, counters, appliances, fixtures, flooring and much more.

If you already own an older manufactured home and are considering replacing it with something new, please review our Home Replacement Program page for more information.

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