Manufactured homes meet rigid construction and inspection standards enforced jointly by the State of California and the federal government. This construction code, with its emphasis on the adoption of new technology and efficient factory building techniques, keeps the costs of manufactured homes significantly lower than those of site-constructed homes. They are constructed with the same materials as site-built homes, giving the homes identical durability standards. All aspects of the construction process are in a controlled factory environment. As such, material is protected from weather-related damage, all craftsmen and assemblers are on the same team and under consistent professional supervision, and all materials and appliances are purchased in volume for substantial savings. In short, quality, durability and high value are the hallmarks of today's precision-built manufactured home.

Today's manufactured homes offer you the ability to customize your home to fit your family's taste, budget and lifestyle. They come with a long list of standard features that can include vaulted ceilings, energy efficient appliances, and window and floor coverings. Buyers enjoy the ability to select optional amenities like custom cabinetry, special window designs, fireplaces, and a wide range of flooring and counter top options. Furthermore, when you purchase a home from R&B Communities, you will enjoy the opportunity to take advantage of special options packages that we have negotiated for the benefit of our customers, as well as incredible pricing on a huge selection of flooring from our preferred flooring vendor.

When you purchase a new manufactured home, you can be assured that your home has been designed with a standard energy efficiency package that's the most cost-effective in the housing industry. New HUD Code energy standards require that your new home be engineered to contain the right energy efficient equipment and insulation package for your specific climate zone.

New manufactured homes come with at least a one-year written warranty, which states specific obligations of the manufacturer and retailer. When you purchase a home through R&B Communities, your warranty will far exceed this one-year standard, as the factories we work with provide from 15 months to 7 years of coverage.

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